Gina Noelle Ash in her studioGina Noelle Ash, a Colorado native now residing in South Carolina, has been painting since childhood and held her first one-woman show at age 16. Following her Graphic Design education at the Colorado Institute of Art in Denver, she has exhibited in various galleries and venues throughout Colorado, Texas, Maryland, Virginia, and now the Carolinas. She was a founding member of the artists' cooperative gallery ArtBeat in the heart of historic old town Manassas, Virginia, a Signature Artist with the Virginia Watercolor Society, and is currently a Signature Member of the South Carolina Watermedia Society.

Her work has won numerous awards and can be found in many private collections. Read more about Gina's approach to painting in this article from Elan Magazine.


Most of my paintings begin as a response to a piece of literature or music. A phrase will get stuck in my mind, or I'll listen to the same song over and over (and over and over) again. The image I want to convey takes shape and nests inside my brain. My husband is amused by this obsessive phase of mine, which he calls "festering." But once I begin painting, everything moves quickly and with assurance for me. Even when I paint traditional subjects, like flowers or landscapes, there is usually an allegory or song or mythology that inspired the work. At heart, I think I am an illustrator.

I am most inspired by artists whose works are mysterious and evocative, like Andrew Wyeth, Marc Chagall, René Magritte, and Frida Kahlo. There’s a story behind each of their paintings that extends beyond their visual impact. This depth is a quality I always hope to achieve with my own work. It pleases me most as an artist to produce art that is thought-provoking and a little mystical.


Gina’s work is evocative, hauntingly beautiful and technically superb. Somehow, she is able to peer through the looking glass with both childhood innocence and keen adult intellect. The work she then creates is a suspension of reality that is delightful to look at in the present and lingers on in one’s memory long afterward.   — Linda Carlson

Gina’s work is always a wonder to behold, providing imaginative themes and elements of surprise.    — Mike Flynn

Expect to see mystery and magic meet when viewing artwork by Gina Noelle Ash. Gina often works in a muted palette, mixed media, acrylics and watercolor. Her work breathes an aura or moodiness that leaves the viewer searching out more, questioning her subjects’ thoughts or what their next move would be.   — Anna Mish

Gina Noelle Ash's works are masterfully executed. The refinement of her style and use of media reflect a lifetime of study. Her artworks depict reflection of the subjects. It's like the viewer can see them thinking: what have they seen and where have they been in their lives. The gradient values create a truly realistic representation, making the viewer a part of the artwork and the place in time.  —  R. Scot Hockman

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